Our People

In Cales y Morteros del Grijalva we are convinced that our employees are the engine that drives us to achieve our goals, which is why we have historically sought to create an environment of opportunity and development.

To achieve this, we perform several actions that ensure the continuous development of our people as individuals, family members and an integral part of the company.


Constantly encourage our employee’s education through educational programs where we provide financial support for tuition and scholarships for graduate careers.

We award annual scholarships to all children of our employees with excellent grades in basic education and college level.

Safety And Health

We care and we strive daily to maintain a high level of industrial safety of our people, through constant training and analysis and regular monitoring of safety equipment and facilities.

We give medical follow to each of our employees, to help our staff to have a healthy lifestyle, working under the best conditions for excellent performance in their work.


We recognize the commitment of those with perfect attendance giving groceries and economic bonds.

We take care of family integration through cultural and recreational events like Family Day, where workers attend with their families to enjoy a variety of sports and recreational activities for healthy living.


In Cales y Morteros del Grijalva we believe that sport is one of the ways to achieve the integration of its workers as well as contribute to promoting healthy habits competitiveness and recreation.

We promote and sponsor sporting events within the company, promoting soccer tournaments and participating through a soccer team within the municipal football league.