Social Responsibility

We are a company that contributes to the community in which we operate, making donations of material for the reconstruction of streets, alleys and roads.

In 1998, the Government of Chiapas accepts and supports the program through 2020 Economic Development of Chiapas (FEC), which aims to promote economic and social development of the state of Chiapas, through a strategic partnership between government, the productive sector, academia and society, where the company Limes and Mortars Grijalva actively involved in this program.

Also the community is supported with material for street repairs, if adversities such as floods has supported them with equipment and manpower.

In addition we promote education in our community through donations for reconstruction and upgrading of facilities of elementary and kindergarten.

Elementary School Benito Juárez, we have undertaken various activities to improve school facilities like painting inside the school, installing handrails in hallways, access gate, fan placement, donation of blocks and tiles for building kitchen, state sponsor of reading festival, delivery of computers and tablets to students with best average among others.

In Kindergarten Antonio de Mendoza, we contribute in building bathrooms, donate limestone for a fundraising and school supplies to children who graduated this grade.

We have donated limestone for lining streets in several neighborhoods and regions around the company, like Cahuaré, New Bochil, El Refugio and Chiapa de Corzo.